My integration broke and I don't know how to fix it

So you downloaded our sample template, tested if it all works as expected and decided to make some changes? Awesome!
But ... now your chat isn't working as it was before making these changes?

It does happen so you're not alone! However, this does not mean the App isn't working.


Here's some tips that will get you back on track in no-time.

  • Always make SMALL changes, one by one and TEST in between each step;
  • Always make a COPY of the template flow and work on your COPY, not the original;
  • Watch the video/manual that comes with your App, these are there to help you;
  • Check your ManyChat Logs (Settings > Log) and look for hints/error messages;
  • Did you add the following domains to your Authorized domains in Settings > Growth Tools?,
  • If you didn't follow the First tips, chances are you lost track of your changes. On this page you will find all templates, videos and install links again;
  • Still need help? You can hire us to get you (back) on track. Our support fee is $97/hr. (if your issue is caused by a bug in our programs there is no fee of course).


Once you triple checked the above and are certain there is an issue which is not caused by you when making changes, please enter a support ticket and include the following:

  • Include the name of the App that is causing issues in the subject of your ticket;
  • Describe what YOU have tried already in as much detail as possible;
  • Include screenshots of your App settings;
  • Include the ManyChat Error Log messages, if any;
  • Supply a ManyChat dashboard invite (Settings > Team > Invite Member) so we can verify your settings and troubleshoot if needed (admin priviledges needed for checking Apps).